Are You A Wave Walker?

Wave Walker is a different way of looking at the Christian faith for those who are in need of a second chance in their lives. People have left the faith for many reasons- they were hurt by a church they were attending, hurt by a fellow Christian, hurt by a loved one or hurt by the loss of someone of importance. They don't feel as though they can put their faith in Christ for fear of being hurt again. Wave Walker is a symbol of the hope and the healing we have in Jesus Christ when we walk with Him. The Wave Walker logo is a  compelling evangelical tool that will help draw those hurting, seeking or curious to you and give you the opportunity to guide them to the Christ who walks beside us. A Wave Walker is not constrained by any political affiliation or religious denomination. Too much emphasis is put on theological differences and political correctness. What binds us together is the saving grace of Christ and His solid foundation. We all trip on the waves of life. Wave Walker is the only Trademark logo that describes who we are, what we are and where our hearts are anchored. We all have been saved by His grace at some time in our lives whether we realize it or not, and many of us can pinpoint exactly what happened to us, when and where it happened. These are not coincidences, these are call God-incidences and they happen all the time.

What is your Wave Walker story?


Wave Walker Products Are In The Works!

We will have products available for on-line purchase soon. Below are samples of what we will offer...

t shirt blue 400x550 bball cap 1 400x525 hp visor hp pin 400x550


Baseball Caps